A wide range of weird but true interesting animal facts

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Friday, 23/09/2016 05:09

There is a wide range of animal facts that have yet to be discovered,  while there's also an incredible amount of interesting facts that most of us haven't heard before. Below is a list of 10 weirdly incredible animal facts that will leave you completely amazed, just keep reading to know.

List of 10 weirdly incredible animal facts

1. If a snake gets too hot then it may get so confused and get a ramped-up metabolism, causing it to have a false sense of hunger and a desire to eat the first thing it sees and try to eat itself until it dies.

Weird but true fact

2. Godzilla is an official citizen of Japan.

weird but true fact

3. Dogs will sometimes fake being sick just to get attention.

weird but true fact

4. There is a fact that elephants spend 23 hours a day eating.

weird but true fact

5. Oysters change their genders a handful of times throughout their lives.

weird but true fact

6. There's a spider in Madagascar whose web is stronger than any other biological material known to man.

weird but true fact

7. Octopuses have three hearts – two are used to pump blood beyond the animal’s gills, a third is used exclusively to send blood to the organs.

weird but true fact

8. Dolphins have names! Yes, these super cute marine mammals name themselves with ‘signature whistles’ and are able to recognise the signature whistles of other dolphins they know!

weird but true fact

9. A type of ‘immortal’ jellyfish is capable of cheating death indefinitely by reverting its cells to their earliest form and grow anew. At only 4 mm to 5 mm long, these tiny creatures basically have infinite lives.

weird but true fact

10. The snapping shrimp is the loudest known living creature. It has specialized claws that shoot jets of water at up to 62 miles per hour and leaving a trail of bubbles that explode at 200 decibels — enough to stun and even kill its prey.

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