Fun cockroach facts that can brighten your day

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Friday, 04/11/2016 12:11

Disgusting creatures but cockroaches owe a long and rich source of fun facts that can brighten your day. I strongly believe that these following facts will be interested to you, just keep reading on to find out.

Five fun cockroach facts

fun cockroach facts

Cockroach facts

A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes

Believe or not, there are facts that cockroaches can hold its breath for 40 minutes and can even survive being submerged under water for half an hour. They hold their breath often to help regulate their loss of water.

A cockroach can live without its head

fun cockroach facts

A cockroach can live without its head

Have you ever heard about cockroach facts that they can live for about a month with no head? This is because they breathe through something called spiracles that are found in each body segment. Their brains do not control breathing, therefore, the cankeep breathing without a head and a brain!

Water is more important than food with cockroaches

Because they are cold-blooded insects, cockroaches can live without food for one month, but will only survive one week without water.

Cockroaches die on their backs

fun cockroach facts

Cockroaches die on their backs

When a cockroach dies on its back, it is typically due to the ingestion of insecticide poison. The poison inhibits the cockroach's neurotransmitters, leading to muscle spasms that cause the cockroach to flip over. As the poison takes over, the cockroach loses muscular strength and is unable to flip back over to the right side.

Cockroaches like to be touched

Roaches are thigmotropic, meaning they like feeling something solid in contact with their bodies, preferably on all sides. They seek out cracks and crevices, and will squeeze into spaces that offer them the comfort of a tight fit.  

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