Interesting Facts about Doves - Dove Facts

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Interesting Facts about Doves - Dove Facts

Everyone knows dove, however, it is not like everyone knows facts about dove. Here are interesting, amazing dove facts you might not know.


Dove can get easily adjusted in almost every kind of environment. So, we can find they everywhere except the truly harsh areas, like desert and Antarctica.

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Dove facts


Like all birds, Mourning Doves are unable to sweat, so to stay cool during hot weather. They pant just like a dog. Panting requires the doves to drink a great deal of water due the excessive loss of moisture to evaporation.


Mourning Doves produce a mournful cooing sound which is probably responsible for its memorable common name.


The names Pigeon and Dove are often used interchangeably. In fact, in many languages, these terms are translated exactly the same. Pigeons and Doves belong to the same family, Columbidae, and have many similar features.


In Christianity, the dove is a common Christian symbol to embody the Holy Spirit. The Christian symbol of a dove with an olive branch in its beak represents peace.


As with most birds, doves will primarily feed on seeds, nuts and fruits. Interesting, the species can actually be divided in terms of doves that primarily feast on seeds (granivorous) and the other family of dove, the frugivorous species, where fruit is the primary source of nutrition.


Doves and Pigeons have no gall bladder. Although the reason behind this anomaly in unknown, interestingly, these birds still produce bile.


Both the male and the female produce milk for their young. Their milk is called crop milk. It contains a higher level of protein and fat than the milk produced by mammals.


Life span of dove in the wild is 1.5 years for adults. However, doves lifespan in captivity can exceed 20 years


When they lay eggs, it is usually just two. Incubation takes just two weeks.

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