Fun interesting facts about tattoos

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Tattoos are created by adding indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change pigment. Today, tattoo ideas, tattoos designs, even tattoo fonts are significantly creative. It can not deny the attraction of tattoos not only for men, but also for women. Let see some fun interesting tattoo facts below:

  • In the U.S., more women than men are tattooed.

tattoo facts for women

Women with tattoos

  • The United States alone has over 20,000 tattoo parlors. This number has increased everyday.
  • Americans spend approximately $1.65 billion on tattoos annually
  • The word tattoo is one of the most misspelled words in the English language, many people say “tatoo” ” instead of “tattoo

tattoos with Jinny Depp

My tattoos are my story - Johnny Depp

  • Johnny Depp once said “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story."
  • George C. Reiger Jr. owns 1,000 Disney tattoos, including all 101 Dalmatians. He had to receive special permission from Disney because the images are copyrighted
  • Urine is somtimes used to mix tattoo color.
  • S. Victor Whitmill, the artist who created the facial tattoo for Mike Tyson in 2003, sued Warner Bros. for mimicking it on actor Ed Helms for the film "The Hangover Part II."

 Tattoo is a kind of art, get more information about art facts yourselves.

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