Interesting and amazing Graffiti art facts

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Graffiti is an interesting kind of painting based on drawing or writing or spraying paint scratched on a wall surface within public view. This kind of art has appeared since ancient times, even dating back to Roman Empire or Ancient Egypt. Graffiti can range from just some simple written words to elaborate wall surface paintings. Let’s check out interesting and amazing graffiti facts to know more about the history of graffiti, what is graffiti, graffiti art, graffiti spray paint, or famous graffiti artists, Banksy artwork, etc.

Graffiti spray paint artwork facts

Graffiti art facts

Fact #1

Graffiti as it is known today (spray paint) in the late 1960s in Philadelphia. It was primarily used to make political statements and mark street gang territory.

Fact #2

Many graffiti artists tag their work. Tagging is a way for street artists to sign their name anonymously. They often use random words or symbols and then embellish them with stars or crowns.

Fact #3

Most graffiti artists prefer to be called ‘writers’ and each have their own unique "tag". Artists who are into graffiti have a desire for public recognition and want to see their work around town, this is why each artists tag is different. It’s kind of like a unique signature.

Fact #4

Spray cans are commonly used for creating graffiti as they have different nozzles for different coverage.

Fact #5

Graffiti can be very artistic and colorful or as simple as writing your name in black paint.

Fact #6

Graffiti artists who are new or inexperienced to an area are known as “toys”.

Fact #7

Graffiti is popular and can be seen in many museums and art galleries, although in many countries it is still illegal and you could be fined. It is illegal in most countries without getting the property owner’s permission first.

Graffiti spray paint artwork facts

Graffiti wall painting

Fact #8

The Longest Graffiti Scroll was created in Pakistan on the 3rd March 2012 and it measured 1,924 metres in length, and took 274 people to complete. This is an official record and can be found in the Guinness World Record.

Fact #9

Graffiti is frequently gang-related. While all graffiti may not be caused by gang members, gangs often use graffiti as a form of communication or to threaten other gangs by “marking their territory.” After assessing the graffiti in Gwinnett, gang graffiti is the most prevalent type of graffiti and is on the rise in our county.

Fact #10

The highest ever price for a Banksy artwork at auction was over £102,000 for his piece “Bombing Middle England”.

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