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Here in this article, we will discuss about French language, about its popularity as well as its history. Let's check out to get more interesting, cool, random French language facts and learn more about France country, France facts. Art facts.

Interesting, cool, random French language facts


In the United States, French is the fourth most used language throughout the country. It is the second most taught, after Spanish.

New York, Florida, and California have joined Louisiana and New England as the main centers of French in the United States.

Half of the foreign films watched in the US are French language films, with 30% of foreign books being read in French.  Over 1.5 million Americans are native French speakers, and another 6 to 11 million speak French fluently as a second language.


French and ballet go hand in hand.

Due to the fact that ballet was formalized in France as in France facts, a significant part of ballet terminology is French.  Rond de jambe, plié, and enjambé are all French words that describe various formal ballet poses.

Because ballet became formalized in France, a significant part of ballet terminology is in French. As a result, ballet dancers learn a few French words in the process. "Rond de jambe", "plié", "enjambé" for example, are all French terms that describe basic ballet poses.

French language facts


And so do French and the culinary world.

France is known for its fine dining, as well as for its wine exports, and so it is no surprise that French words go along with it all: words like foie gras, brie, and sauvignon blanc are all very commonly used.  But the influence of the French language goes beyond the restaurant and back into the kitchen as well.  Chefs have taught themselves to master the French arts, including julienne, consomme, and even mayonnaise.

The reach, breadth, and popularity of the French language is undeniable.  It is a language for poets and writers, for wine lovers and foodies.  It is a language that is embraced by scholars, teachers, and students the world over, and it is spoken between world leaders in business, politics, and social justice.  And on top of all that, it is one of the most beautiful, musical languages the world has ever know


The English Language Is 30% French

French and English don’t share the same language roots. However, France and Britain have had multiple interactions, and as result, certain words were borrowed by speakers from both countries. France’s influence on the English language began with the Norman conquest of Britain in the 11th Century. It still continues today, as trade and exchange between France and the Anglo-Saxon world remains active.

This has long-lasting consequences on the English language. An estimated 30% of English words are borrowed from French, making French, as well as Latin, the most influential language in English. Most of these words look the same and have the same meaning, such as banana/banane, tiger/tigre. But others are misleading: linguists call them "false cognates", words that look similar but differ in meaning (like library/librairie, which means "book store" in French).

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