Top Amazing YouTube Facts Will Surprise You

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Wednesday, 12/10/2016 02:10

You know surely the effect of Youtube. It is really really big. And you will surprise when looking at amazing Youtube facts and numbers listed below:

 400 Hours Of Video Per Minute

amazing youtube facts

Amazing Youtube facts

YouTube’s statistics at the end of 2015 claim that more than 400 hours of video was uploaded to the site per minute. ReelSEO forecasts that this could already have increased to as much as 500 hours of video per minute.

One-Third of the World on YouTube

At over one billion users, YouTube has over a third of the entire population of the Internet as users. That creates quite a diverse, multicultural melting pot of activity!

Most Popular Non-Music Video: Charlie Bit My Finger

You must have seen it among many Youtube funny videos: Charlie, well, he bites. At 833,698,293 plays and rising, these two adorable brothers have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for that little moment. And they’re not even out of school yet!

Half of YouTube’s Viewers Are on Mobile

Actually, it’s more than half. You might think you’re an average viewer, sitting there at your computer or laptop. But most of YouTube’s viewers are actually on a smartphone or tablet, probably hiding in their bedroom.

So, keep that in mind when you’re considering adding annotations to your videos, as mobile viewers can’t use these. Use cards instead.

Average of 40 Minute Sessions

On mobile, viewers are spending an average of 40 minutes watching content every time they open the app. That’s a LOT of viewing hours. Now, that’s just the mobile users, but don’t forget just how many of them there are.

“Hello” Got Over 100 Million Views in Five Days 

Five days is all Adele took to get to 100 million views on YouTube, making “Hello” the fastest video of 2015 to reach that number. It’s the second-fastest video to reach that figure, with Psy’s “Gentleman” reaching the mark in only four days. Adele actually hit the 50 million mark with “Hello” in the first 48 hours, making it the biggest YouTube video debut of 2015 and one of the biggest debuts of all time.

Minecraft is King 

Cutting out vague searches like “music” and “movies”, the top YouTube searches were for “Minecraft”, “Frozen”, “Drake”, “Beyonce”, “PewDiePie”, “Happy” and “Eminem”, with Minecraft topping the bill at a huge 75%. The Observer predicts that we’re now reaching an Internet dystopia where we all watch other people living their lives.

80% of Views From Outside the US

One of other Youtube facts is that YouTube says over 80% of views were from outside the US. They didn’t say which country topped the charts, though.

Most Watched Video is Gangnam Style 

Gangnam style is the most watched video ever, currently sitting on just under 2.5 billion views. I’m guessing a lot of views came from people musing over the following fact.

Gangnam Style Passed YouTube’s Original Count Limit

Psy’s Gangnam Style video very nearly hit the 2,147,483,647 play count limit in YouTube’s code. The coders were forced to quickly rewrite a few things to change the play count limit, so we can all aim for 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 plays now. 

YouTube Started as a Dating Site 

Presumably co-founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim weren’t quite satisfied after finally seeing the Wardrobe Malfunction incident, as they started YouTube as a dating site. If you don’t believe me, check out the Wayback Machine’s archived version of the 2005 YouTube. Apparently it was based on the “Hot or Not” site, but it didn’t really catch on.

The First Video Was “Me At The Zoo”

On of the co-founders, Jawed Karim, uploaded the very first video on YouTube on 23rd April 2005. It’s basically just him checking out some elephants at the San Diego Zoo.

The Founders Came From PayPal

The YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim all met while they were working at PayPal. So we can thank the startup world for bringing smart entrepreneurs together once again. 

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