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Thursday, 19/05/2016 05:05

As a celebration that includes chocolate and bunnies, Easter is always on top of many people's most expected holiday during the whole year. But, I must say that there are a lot of fun facts about Easter that you might not have heard about. Let's refresh your mind now with fun Easter facts listed below here.

Colorful Easter eggs

Colorful Easter eggs

  • Every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year – double their recommended calorie intake for a whole week.
  • The largest ever Easter egg hunt was in Florida, where 9,753 children searched for 501,000 eggs.
  • The term Easter gets its name from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes the hare and the egg.
  • In 2007, an Easter egg covered in diamonds sold for almost £9 million.
  • When people gorge on a chocolate Easter bunny, 76 percent bite off the ears first, 5 per cent go for the feet and 4 per cent opt for the tail.
  • With all those chocolate eggs for family, relatives, loved ones and friends, it should be no surprise that households spend an average of £75 on Easter treats each year.
  • In the USA, 90 million chocolate bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced each year. At Easter, Americans also consume more than 16 million jellybeans used to fill the hollow centre of Easter eggs, and that’s enough to circle the globe three times over.
  • The White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year. This tradition was started by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878.
  • Sales at Easter time make up 10 per cent of UK chocolate spending for the whole year.
  • The UK’s first chocolate egg was produced in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol.
  • The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011. Standing 10.39 metres tall and weighing 7,200 kg, it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant. But Portugal is the home of the largest decorated Easter egg, which reached almost 15m in height and 8m in diameter when it was made in 2008.
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