Interesting unknown facts about Doraemon

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Saturday, 14/05/2016 05:05

Let's check out the interesting unknown facts about the famous robotic cat named Doraemon below:


Fact #1

Doraemon's production code is MS-903

Fact #2

Doraemon was manufactured on 3 September 2112 in Matsushiba Robot Factory

Fact #3

Doraemon's little sister, Dorami, is actually a stronger robot

Fact #4

Doraemon's original paint colour is yellow

Fact #5

"Stray male cat" is one of the few direct translations of the name Doraemon

Fact #6

Doraemon had a pair of ears, but lost it to rats that bit off them off

Fact #7

After losing his ears, Doraemon became depressed and drank a potion labelled "sadness". As he cried, his yellow tone faded into the lovable blue we know today.

Fact #8

2013 is 99 years before Doraemon's birth

Fact #9

Doraemon is addicted to dorayaki and falls for any trap involving them

Fact #10

If Doraemon and Nobita were old, we would still love them

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