Interesting Thailand Food and Thai Cuisine facts

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Yes, every country has its own food profile reflecting its own culture, ingenuity, environment as well as values. When mentioning about Thailand food, we right away think about intricacy, attention to detail, color, taste, texture, good flavour, and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits. Here we have rounded up with some interesting Thailand food facts. Let's check out to get more information about Thai food and cuisine! Food facts.

Interesting Thailand Food and Thai Cuisine facts

 Thai food and cuisine facts

Thai food facts


So much so is the priority of food for Thai people that whenever you meet some Thai person, the first thing they will say is “Gin Khao Yung” meaning – have you eaten yet!


Thai cuisine is very popular in western world. In fact, two Thai dishes – Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles) and Tom Yum Goong (Spicy and Sour Shrimp soup) – are available in every corner of the world.


The way Thai people dine and eat food at restaurants is also very different. Generally, they prefer to order the same number of dishes as people present. But that doesn’t mean one person eats his or her chosen dish only. In fact, Thai culture treats eating alone as a bad luck gesture. All dishes are shared and enjoyed together, always.


Thai cuisine is a perfect blend of four seasonings – salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. Almost every Thai dish combines all four tastes. Thai cuisine lays a lot of importance to fresh fruits and vegetables which is very much evident in their curries and every desserts that come loaded with fruits.


Generally, Thai take a very wholesome breakfast that includes Joke, which is rice porridge with pork. Kai Jee-o (omelette) and Khao Mun Kai (chicken and rice) are other popular breakfast options.

Pad Thai Thailand food

Pad Thai


The whole world knows about Pad Thai but not as much about Pad Mama which is fried noodle with beef and vegetables.


A recent survey done by the Office of the National Culture Commission reported the top ten Thai dishes best liked by foreigners which includes Tom Yam Kung, Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai (Green chicken curry) and Pad Thai in top three places.


Thai people do not prefer to eat with chopsticks! That's one of interesting Thailand facts, facts about Thailand. They use a fork and a spoon to eat.


Thai desserts are unique as they are made of coconut flesh, coconut cream and rice flour rather than cream or wheat flour.


Thai cuisine is so popular around the world that, two Thai dishes – Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles) and Tom Yum Goong (Spicy and Sour Shrimp soup) – are available in every corner of the world.

Thai food and cuisine facts

Tom Yun Goong


Thai people never waste rice on the plate, or step on rice because they consider rice as sacred and believe that every grain of rice has a divine element in it.


There is no such a thing is baking in Thailand. None of the food is baked, and most household don’t have an oven.


Eating a meal is generally treated as a celebration therefore it’s quite common to see large groups of individuals eating together. Thai culture treats eating alone as a bad luck gesture hence, all dishes have to be shared and enjoyed together.


Thai cutlery generally consists of a fork and a large spoon (tablespoon). The use of chopsticks arises only when eating noodles.


The formal presentation of food is an important aspect of Thai food culture. It was developed primarily in the palace to please the King of Siam, Thai food presentation is among the most exquisite in the world.

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