Interesting video game facts you probably didn't know

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A video game is a kind of electronic game involving human interaction with user interfaces to generate visual feedback on a video device like a computer monitor or a TV screen. So whether you are interested in Xbox 360, Nintendo, or PlayStation consoles, we all round up with some interesting video game facts then give you the best gaming trolling, entertainment about video game consoles, computer games, video game developer and maker

Video game facts

Video game facts

Fact #1

Video games can be played on different platforms including game consoles, handheld systems, computers, mobile phones, and many others.

Fact #2

The first coin operated video games were introduced in the 1970s with titles such as “Computer Space”, “Pong” gaining popularity.

Fact #3

Popular game consoles that dominate the current markets include the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3. The three companies are battling to gain the attention of gamers in the competitive gaming industry

Fact #4

The bushes and clouds in Super Mario Bros. are the same thing, just different colors. 

Fact #5

If you look hard enough, you may spot Pac-Man in the Disney movie Tron.

Fact #6

Pac-Man video game developer, Toru Iwatani revealed that the character was designed to appeal to women. 

Fact #7

Sonic the Hedgehog video game originally had a human girlfriend named Madonna.

Fact #8

Sony PlayStation was originally planned as a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo

Fact #9

Do you remember visiting the Goldenrod City gym in Pokémon Gold/Silver? The design is actually a Clefairy.

Fact #10

Nintendo of America is the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners. 

Fact #11

Before Leon fought for his life in the European villages of Resident Evil 4, Capcom created four different versions of the title. One of the scrapped versions eventually found life as another popular Capcom franchise, Devil May Cry.

Fact #11

Gordon Freeman wasn’t always the hero of Half-Life. Early versions of the game had players assuming the role of “Ivan the Space Biker”. Thankfully, Valve came to their senses. 

Fact #12

In Super Mario 64, Boo’s laugh is actually a sped up version of Bowser’s laugh. 

super mario 64 boo

Boo in Super Mario 64

Fact #13

The Legend of Zelda’s beta version gives players the choice between a sword and a boomerang at the beginning. 

Fact #14

Street Fighter 2 names didn’t fully translate from Japan to North America. In the states, M. Bison is Balrog, Vega is M. Bison, and Balrog is Vega. Capcom wanted Balrog to be M. Bison (their version of Mike Tyson) but changed the names to avoid any legal issues. 

Fact #15

Tingle from the Zelda video game series looks suspiciously like series composer Koji Kondo. 

Fact #16

Sonic the Hedgehog’s debug mode reveals an unused item, air goggles. These goggles would allow Sonic to breathe underwater.

Sonic the HedgeHod Video Game facts

Sonic the Hedgehog

Fact #17

Half-Life 2 Episode 2 features a hidden room inspired by the television show “Lost”. Desmond, push the button.

Fact #18

Making video games has become big business and creating a high quality game often takes the input of a large number of game developers for the game to be successful. As well as a high number of graphic designers and programmers, other skills such as management, writing and music are also important to the final product.

Fact #19

A popular example of multiplayer gaming can be seen in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). These games enable large numbers of players to interact in the same virtual world, creating fictional characters, living virtual lives and experiencing the challenges and quests that various MMORPG games offer. A good example of this type of gaming can be seen in the popularity of World of Warcraft (WoW), this game has become immensely popular and currently has over 10 million paying subscribers.

Fact #20

Video game genres are wide and varied including gaction adventure, strategy, role playing, sports, racing, simulation, and puzzle, etc.

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