50 Very quick mind blowing facts about Japan (Part 2)

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Wednesday, 18/05/2016 09:05

What else about Japan and Japanese people do you want to know? Now, it's the time for us to get the rest with 25 more quick mind blowing facts about Japan.

Snowman in Japan

Snowman in Japan

  • In Japan, it is rude to say "no" directly
  • In Japan, flower arranging is a form of art
  • For the Japanese, it is impolite to tear a gift's wrapping
  • Snowmen in Japan are made of 2 snowballs, not three
  • Japan has produced 18 Nobel Prize winners
  • The Japanese population is 98% Japanese; there are almost no immigrants
  • Japan's unemployment rate is less than 4%
  • Going to KFC is a Christmas tradition in Japan
  • Japanese people carry around a small towel to wipe their sweat off
  • Most homes have extra shoes for guests
  • Drinking or eating while walking is considered to be rude
  • Bus drivers turn the vehicle off at red lights to reduce pollution
  • At Japanese train stations, there are staff workers whose job is to help shove passengers inside the train, as they are so crowded
  • If you are sick in Japan, you should wear a mask to prevent spreading your disease.
  • The most popular pizza topping is squid
  • There are lactation bars where you can get fresh human breast milk: a shot, or straight from the nipple even
  • The Japanese police have paintballs to shoot at fleeing vehicles so as to identify them easily
  • There’s a sacred shrine in Japan that is rebuilt every 20 years
  • In Japan you can find the world’s shortest escalator, it only has 5 steps
  • Slurping when eating noodles is polite and indicates that the food is delicious
  • 'Yaeba', crooked teeth, is considered attractive; so much so that girls go to the dentist to get their teeth unstraightened
  • In 1949, India sent the Tokyo zoo two elephants to cheer the spirits of the defeated Japanese empire
  • Every year in Japan men compete to get the title of "fastest shirt ironer"
  • The Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji is a traditional suicide spot.
  • The 'ganguro' Japanese fashion (literally 'black face') consists of dying your skin as dark as possible.
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