An extensive range of places and things to enjoy in Ibiza

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Friday, 16/09/2016 10:09

Ibiza is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, an ideal place for a long-time trip. As well as being ten time larger than Manhattan place, Ibiza also has an extensive range of things to do with a huge diversity of landscapes, activities and cultural curiosities. All you need is to find out the right places and things to enjoy via this article.

9 awesome things to do in Ibiza

1. Opt for your own best spots to watch Ibiza’s sunset

ibiza's sunset

Most people flock to Cafe del Mar or Mambo for sundowners or sit out on the stretch of rocks in front of the bars, but if you want somewhere with a slightly less rowdy crowd I suggest going to Hostal la Torre for dinner and drinks on the terrace, Sunset Ashram for chilled out vibes or on Sundays go to Benirrás Beach. Grab a pizza from one of the beach front restaurants (I was underwhelmed by Elements cafe) and pick a spot on the sand watching the sun dip into the sea beyond the iconic Cap Bernat rock. After dark, enjoy the drumming and fire throwing and feel like you’re in Thailand for the night.

2. Get back to nature 

There is an awesome fact that Ibiza has a surprising amount of pine forests. Not only do they make a great change of scenery from the bars and business of the towns, they provide ample opportunities for walking, enjoying a picnic together or seeing a side of the island you didn’t even know existed. It really gets you back to nature on the beach way.

There are a number of forests across the island, but our tip is to head to the island’s less-populated north-east side, specifically towards the village of Sant Joan De Labritja. Five miles north of this (and through a wonderfully cool and fragrant pine forest) you’ll eventually find yourself at Cala d’en Serra, a beautifully secluded horseshow-shaped bay surrounded by steep cliffs and offering some of the clearest water in Ibiza for swimming and snorkelling.

3. Clubbing – Amnesia , Pacha , Space and Privilege

ibiza clubs

Ibiza is known as clubbers’ or Hollywood stars’ paradise and the best clubs are Amnesia , Pacha , Space and Privilege. Privilege alone has a capacity of around 10,000 people, Pacha is the year-round club, and a favorite of the locals as well as the tourists, while Space invented the concept of the day-club, kicking off their parties when the other clubs are kicking you out of the door at sunrise. In Ibiza, you can literally party until you drop from exhaustion. And you wouldn’t be the first!

4. Go on a boat trip

There’s nothing better than getting out on the water to get a unique feel for places and see it from another perspective and literally a different angle. There are tonnes of group boat excursions from San An, but for a completely luxe experience, you’ve got to go for a private charter. It will be so excited when Smart Charter Ibiza organised a day trip that brought us to Juan y Andrea, an exclusive seafood restaurant on the island of Formentera by super fast speed boat. They had paddleboards and a seabob on board, if you fancy braving the waters, or kick back and sip chilled champagne in the sun. 

5. Come to Hippie Market in Es Cana.

Back in the 1960s, Ibiza became home to a vibrant community of artists and musicians who appreciated the island’s stunning natural beauty and its laid-back pace of life. Where traces of the hippy movement have faded elsewhere in Europe, the spirit of that time is still very much a part of contemporary Ibizan culture, and this is exemplified in the weekly markets of Es Caná and San Carlos. Featuring stalls selling everything from home-ware to food and drink, the markets are vibrant, colourful places to while away a few hours, hunting for bargains whilst snacking on freshly prepared street-food. It's a really enjoyable day out, happy hippying!

6. Long and lazy lunches in beach bars

ibiza beach bars

Some of my favourite afternoons in Ibiza were spent having long and lazy lunches in beach bars, but there are so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to go. I was most impressed with Babylon Beach for the small and intimate surroundings, bean bags lined up along the rocky coastline and comfortable and casual dining tables and chairs both shaded and in the sunshine. The difference with the food here is that it’s all sourced locally and organically and you can really taste the difference. The flavours are so fresh and their cocktails are a bit different, like the smoked chilli and basil, gin-based one I tried. Delish. 

Tropicana Beach Club does some of the best tapas including melt in the mouth jamón carved on site and I was sold by the stairway-to-the-sea!

7. Walk the old streets of Ibiza town after midnight.

With the old walled city of Dalt Vila lit up like something out of a fairytale, this is one of the most captivating experiences Ibiza has to offer. Even long after midnight, you’ll find bars, cafés and all sorts of boutiques still open and selling their wares. The scent of the evening by the port is something you will forever associate with long summer nights. And then of course there are the club parades. Pacha, Amnesia send out their entourages into the streets around the port, handing out their flyers and enticing you into their clubs. It’s worth staying out late just to catch a glimpse or two of the ‘beautiful people’ as they troupe by.

8. Enjoy special foods and Ibiza cuisine

ibiza foods

If you’re getting peckish, here are our recommendations of some great places to eat:

  • El Olivo, Plaça de la Vila, Ibiza Town: Quality French and Spanish meals. 
  • The Fish Shack on Talamanca beach: No menu, no formality, and not even a roof – just whatever’s been brought in by the fishermen, freshly cooked. 
  • Sa Capella, Carretera Sant Antoni, San Antonio: Chic and modern, this is less the kind of place to fuel up and more somewhere you’ll need to dress up! 
  • Bambuddha, Carretera de San Juan, Santa Eulalia: Contemporary Asian cuisine served in truly lavish surroundings. 
  • Las Dos Lunas, Carretera Eivissa-Sant Antoni: Italian meets high-end dining in the discreet, romantic restaurant. 

9. Watch the firework display at the old town of Ibiza on August the 15th.

Regular visitors to this site will already understand just how enthusiastic the Ibicencs are about their fireworks. Not a festival goes by without an explosive display. The big one, however, takes place on the night of August 15th, the Spanish-wide celebration of the ascension of the Virgin Saint of Paloma, a woman rescued from men and revered to this day. It can bring slightly different taste of island life for tourists. It’s a national holiday not just in Ibiza, but in all of the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain itself. There is no equivalent in the UK but then, this is not the UK, and there will always be a reason to party here. This is quite simply the biggest party there is, so prepare to be awed.


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