• Most interesting facts about chili peppers (Chilly, chily, chile pepper)

Most interesting facts about chili peppers (Chilly, chily, chile pepper)

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Tuesday, 31/05/2016 09:05

Chilli pepper, or also known as chilly, chili, chile, chily, Mirchi, chile pepper, Aji, Paprika, is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. In many countries, especially in Asian countries like China, India, Korea, Japaneses, etc, chilli is considered one of important part of their cusine. Read on to get the most interesting facts about this very common spices. 

Cayenne Chili Peppers

Cayenne Chili Peppers

General Facts 

  • When landed in South America, Columbus discovered chilly and mistook it for pepper, naming it "Chile Pepper." 
  • Chilly was used from 7000 BC in Mexico and was cultivated from 3500 BC.
  • There are nearly 400 Varieties of chili. 
  • There is great confusion in the spelling of the chilly. In USA, it is called chile or chile pepper; in UK, it is known as chilly or chili; and in India, it is known as chilly, or mirchi (Hindi), marchu (Gujarati), and molzhukai (Tamil). 
  • Fishes could not feel pungency of the chilly because they do not have pain receptors.
  • Chilies belong to same family as tomatoes and potatoes. 
  • India is largest producer of chilly.

Chilly Pungency

  • The pungency of the chilly is due to capsaicin present in the membrane placenta.
  • To store and make the chilly powder more pungent, mix it well with oil. 
  • The hottest chilly 'Naga Jolokia' in the world is found in Tezpur, India. It is 855,000 in Scoville Scale. 
  • The chilly's pungency is measured by Scoville scale which was named after Wilbur Scoville. With invention of computers, the pungency of chilly can be measured by HPLC.
  • To get rid of burning feeling, it is advisable to take fat or greasy content like milk, curd, sugar, or ice cream. Drinking water will not relieve the burning of your mouth because capsaicin is insoluble in water. 

Medicinal Value

  • Capsaicin is used for treatment for many diseases like arthritis. 
  • When chilly is eaten, it makes the brain to release endorphins, a natural painkiller present in the body. The endorphin lowers blood pressure and helps to fight against cancer. 
  • Chilly contains lots of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C 
  • Sore throat, varicose ulcers, and laryngitis can be cured by using antibacterial chilly. Man made capsaicin called "Guafenesein" is used in cough syrups. 
  • Chilly helps cure many diseases like blood pleasure, insomnia, hay fever, flu.
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