Interesting facts about Hinduism – Religion facts

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Hinduism is the third largest religion by population in the world that mostly found in India and Nepal. Let’s discover more about this religion through our list of Hinduism facts then know more about the religion history, beliefs, gods, deities, holy book.

Hinduism facts

Interesting facts about Hinduism – Religion facts

Fact #1

Where did Hinduism begin? Hinduism has no single founder. It has been evolving over the thousands of years and will continue to. Hinduism originated in India. Hinduism is largely based on the teachings from Vedas.

Fact #2

Hinduism is the oldest known religion in the world. History of Hinduism can be traced back to 5000-10,000 B.C. It is also the third largest religion of the world with more than 1 billion followers.

Fact #3

Most of the Hindus live in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka with considerable presence in all other parts of the world also. About 85% of Hindus live in India. That is why India is also called as “Hindustan”.

Fact #4

People who follow Hinduism are called Hindus. Hinduism is also known as Hindu Dharma, Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Religion), Vedic Religion, or Vedic Dharma.

Fact #5

The word “Hinduism” actually has no real meaning because Hinduism was not founded as a religion. The name “Hindu” is given by the people outside of the India, especially Greeks and Arabs, to those living in the vicinity of “Sindhu” river. So, the way of life those people were following is called “Hinduism.”

Fact #6

Hinduism beliefs. Hindus believe in one God named as “Brahman” but view other Gods and Goddesses as manifestations of Him. Therefore, in practice, they worship more than one God. Most Hindus worship God in the form of an idol. Rivers, mountains, trees, animals, and natural things which are useful for a human being are revered in Hinduism. Cow is the most revered animal for Hindus.

Brahman gods of Hinduism facts

Brahman God

Fact #7

The place of worship of Hindus is called as a temple.

Fact #8

Salvation is the ultimate goal of a Hindu’s life.

Fact #9

The four objectives of a Hindu’s life include Dharma (righteousness or life code), Artha (wealth), Kama (desire), and Moksha (salvation).

Fact #10

Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, vegetarianism, and meditation are the best gifts of Hinduism to the world.

Fact #11

According to Hinduism, four stages of life are Brahmcharyashram (Student phase), Grihastahshram (Living with wife and children), Vanprasthashram (leaving the home and pray to God, may keep contact with family), and Sanyasashram (discard everything in life including wife, children, and material things).

Fact #12

Hinduism is the source of inspiration for three other major religions of the world viz. Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

Fact #13

Aum and Swastika are the main symbols of Hinduism. Besides those, Kalash, Trishul, Tilak, Lingam, Shri, and Yantra are other popular Hindu symbols. The saffron is the official color of Hinduism and the saffron flag is the official flag of Hindus.

Aum and Swastika symbols of Hinduism religion

Aum and Swastika

Fact #14

Most of the Hindu scriptures are written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is considered to be the mother of all the languages. Sanskrit is considered to be the language of demi-Gods.

Fact #15

Most of the Hindus do not eat beef and or pork. They also do not eat non-vegetarian food on auspicious days. Hinduism strongly advocates vegetarianism. Food is highly revered and wasting the food is considered as a very bad habit.

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