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Islam, one of the fastest growing religion in the world, is a monotheistic as well as Abrahamic religion which is articulated by Quran, a religious text considered as the verbatim word of God Allah and the teachings and normative example (sunnah) of Muhammad. Muslims (adherents of Islam religion) believe that God is the creator of everything, and that our purpose of existence is to worship God. Let’s check out facts about Islam to know what is Islam, history of Islam, Islam beliefs, Islamic culture.

Facts about Islam religion

Islam facts

Fact #1

The root word of Islam comes from the combination of the word Salam which means peace, security and Islam which means surrender or submission. In a religious context the word Islam means the surrendering of one's will (without compulsion) to the true will of God in an effort to achieve peace.

Fact #2

A person who practices Islam is known as a Muslim. The adjective Islamic usually refers to objects and places, not people. The term Mohammedanism is an outdated term for the faith and is usually considered insulting.

Fact #3

Islam is not a new religion or cult. It is a universal way of life and civilization. Studies show that between 1.5 and 1.8 billion people in the world identify their religion as Islam. Along with Judaism and Christianity it traces its roots through Prophet Abraham and back to the first humans Adam and Eve.

Fact #4

Islam religion is the second largest and the fastest growing religion in the world.


The Quran is the Islam’s most sacred book. In Arabic, it means Recitation.

Fact #6

There are five pillars of practice in Islam. These practices must be undertaken with the best of effort in order to be considered a true Muslim.

Fact #7

There are six articles of faith in Islam. These are the basic beliefs that one must have in order to be considered a true Muslim. These beliefs including the belief in the One God, all of the true prophets of God, the original scriptures revealed to Moss, Jesus, David, and Muhammad, the angels, the Day of Judgement and the Hereafter, Destiny.

Muhammad Islam Facts


Fact #8

Islam is a complete way of life that governs all facets of life: moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, economical, etc.

Fact #9

Cats are revered animals in Islam religion because Prophet Muhammad loved them.

Fact #10

To become Muslim, a person of any race or culture must say a simple statement, the shahadah, that bears witness to the belief in the One God and that Muhammad is a prophet of God.

Fact #11

Allah is an Arabic word that means "God". Muslims also believe that Allah is the personal name of God.

Fact #12

Dogs in the Islamic world are typically not allowed inside the house because they are considered to be unclean. Many Muslims believe that if anyone comes into contact with a dog’s saliva, that person must repeat the ritual ablutions (washings) prior to prayer.

Fact #13

A Muslim woman retains her own family name upon marriage, rather than taking the name of her husband. This symbolic act emphasizes that she remains her own person, with her own valid identity.

Fact #14

The Mosque of Paris helped Jews escape the Nazis by giving them Muslim IDs during WW2

Fact #15

Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims (120 million), followed by Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Fact #16

Mary, the mother Jesus, is a prominent figure in Islam and is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran. Mary is mentioned more times in the Quran than in the entire New Testament, and more biographical information about her is contained in the Quran than in the New Testament.

Quran Book Islam Facts


Fact #17

Muslims do not believe in vicarious atonement but, rather, the law of personal responsibility. In other words, Islam teaches that each person is responsible for his or her actions. On Judgment Day, Muslims believe that everyone will be resurrected and will have to answer to God for every word, thought, and deed.

Fact #18

Muslims celebrate two great Islamic holidays. The first is Eid al-Fitr, the Feast of the Breaking of the Fast of Ramadan, and the second is the Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice.

Five Pillars of Islam Religion Facts

Five Pillars of Islam

Fact #19

After the death of Muhammad, Islam split into two major branches, Sunnis (85% of all Muslims) and Shiites (15%). There is also a small, radical branch called the Kharijites. The split occurred due to disagreements about who should be the successor to the Prophet Muhammad.

Fact #20

Muslims do not describe Islam as a religion. Rather it is a deen, which comes from the Arabic for “way of life.” Muslims believe that Islam is more than a religious belief. It is a way of living in accordance with one’s religious faith.

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