Amazing Blood Donation Facts

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Wednesday, 23/11/2016 03:11

Amazing Blood Donation Facts

Have you ever donated blood or thought about donating blood? Donating blood is a meaningful work and helps others around. Here are amazing blood donation facts you might not know. Check it out below:

blood donation facts


Blood donation facts

1. The actual blood donation normally takes less than 10-12 minutes. The entire process, from the time you arrive to the time you leave, takes about an hour and 15 min.

2. The average adult has about 10 units of blood in his body. Roughly 1 unit is given during a donation.

3. A healthy donor may donate red blood cells every 56 days, or double red cells every 112 days.

4. 4.5 million Americans would die each year without life saving blood transfusions.

5. Blood makes up about 7% of your body's weight

6. Donated red blood cells must be used within 42 days of collection.

7. Donated platelets must be used within five days of collection.

8. Just one pint of donated blood can help save as many as three people's lives.

9. There are four main blood types: A, B, AB, and O.  AB is the universal recipient and O negative is the universal donor.

10. You cannot get AIDS or any other infectious disease by donating blood.

11. One unit of blood can be separated into several components (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipitate).

12. A half a million people donated blood.

13. Females receive 53% of blood transfused; males receive 47%.

18. 17% of people those don't donate blood because they "never thought about it", while 15% say they're "too busy" and hate needles.  The main reason donors say they give blood is because they "want to help others"

19. There is no substitute for human blood.

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