Amazing Unknown Facts For Kids

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Thursday, 10/11/2016 02:11

Life is full of interesting unknown things to explore. There are amazing facts which make you really surprised and even shocking. What we know is always limited because knowledge is unlimited. Here is a collection of unknown or little-known facts not just for kids but all you. Get it!

Dogs Nose Prints



Unknow facts for kids

Just like humans fingerprints, Dogs nose prints are unique, and it can be used to identify the identity of dogs.


Kangaroos cannot walk backwards!


The lighter was invented long back before the matchbox and matchsticks are invented.


Lipsticks are not vegan cosmetics! More than 95 percent of lipsticks contain fish scales!


Venus is the only planet in the solar system that rotates clockwise, whereas all other planets rotate anti-clock wise.

Hands and Feet Bones

Hands and feet have more than half of the bones in the human body.

Dolphin Names

Dolphins have unique names. What could be their language? The study is published in the National Academy of Sciences Proceedings.

Apple Floats on Water

Have you ever put an apple into the water and noticed the apple float? Yes, apples float on water. It is because apples are made of 25 percent air!

The Number 4

The number four – is the only number that has the same number of alphabets/ letters.


Did you know that you cannot talk and inhale or vice versa. When you speak, you will not be able to inhale. Give it a try?

Rabbit and Parrot

Many of us know that the owl can rotate its head 270 degrees to see behind. There is another bird and animal that can see behind without moving the head? 

Human Brain

The Human Brain is a jelly like organ composed of 80 percent of water. The human brain is more powerful and active at night than day. It can hold as much as information that is equal to 5 Britannica Encyclopedia. An average individual uses no more than 5 percent of the human brain in the entire life. Similarly, the person who dreams a lot tends to have a higher IQ. The brain controls your vision. Yes, your eyes can always see your nose, however, your brains direct your vision to ignore it.


A hug releases the hormone called Oxytocin, which makes you feel relaxed, heal the physical and mental wounds, and soothes your body and mind. It is an easy and simple way to pacify your kid.

Give a warm hug to your near and dear ones to stay happy and healthy.

Chewing gum is good for health!

Chewing gum at regular intervals improves oral health and hygiene. It stimulates the saliva secretion and flow in mouth, reduces plaque, removes off debris, enhances the strength of teeth and prevents cavities.

Remember to chew sugar free gums!

Giraffe's tongue 

With its 21-inch tongue, a giraffe can clean its own ears.

Body Parts

Did you know; most parts of our body will be gradually replaced in 7 years. We are not what we were before 7 years.

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